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Unlocking Truth in the Digital Age

BSV Blockchain For a Transparent Tomorrow

At BSV Association, we believe in the power of truth. Our blockchain technology merges data and value to create a secure record of truth for everyone. Join us in advancing the universal exchange of value with BSV Blockchain.

Ensuring Network Integrity
The BSV Alert System plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of the Bitcoin SV network by enforcing essential rules and principles.
Real-time Communication
Stay informed with real-time updates as the Alert System directly broadcasts crucial messages to network nodes.
Transparency & Trust
Enhanced communication fosters trust and robust safeguards protect against threats, ensuring a reliable and secure blockchain environment.
— Built for Tomorrow
Adaptable design keeps pace with evolving technology, guaranteeing the BSV Alert System's relevance and effectiveness in the ever-changing blockchain landscape.
Guiding Our Purpose

BSV Association Vision and Mission

Explore the foundations of BSV Association: Our vision for a truthful future and our mission to advance the universal exchange of value.


BSV Association Vision

At BSV Association, we envision a future where truth is accessible to all, where data and value merge seamlessly, creating a robust and sustainable record of truth for everyone and everything

BSV Association Mission

Our mission is to advance and preserve the BSV Blockchain, the only protocol that enables a universal exchange of value. We are committed to protocol stewardship, open-source tooling, and standards governance.

Protocol Stewardship

We take pride in our role as protocol stewards. We ensure the continuous development and enhancement of the BSV Blockchain, enabling secure and efficient value exchange on a global scale.

Open-Source Tooling

Our commitment to open-source tooling fosters innovation within the BSV community. We provide essential resources and tools for developers to build on the BSV Blockchain.

Standards Governance

We uphold the highest standards of governance within the BSV ecosystem. Our goal is to maintain transparency, fairness, and adherence to industry best practices for the benefit of all stakeholders.

From Web 2.0 Challenges to Web 3.0 Solutions

Navigating the Digital Revolution

Embark on a Journey Through Digital Transformation: Unpacking the Transition from Web 2.0 Challenges to the Innovative Solutions of Web 3.0 with BSV Blockchain

Tech Push in Current Systems
Web 2.0 Limitations
Introduction of Web 3.0 with BSV Blockchain
Exclusivity of BSV Blockchain
BSV Blockchain Features
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Tech Push in Current Systems

BSV Blockchain empowers individuals and businesses alike, unlocking new opportunities for global economies. It serves as a source of truth, with precise data timestamping for trust and integrity.

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Web 2.0 Limitations

In the Web 2.0 era, centralized platforms dominated, exerting control over data and applications. This concentration led to privacy concerns, data misuse, and stifled competition.

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Introduction of Web 3.0 with BSV Blockchain

Enter Web 3.0, underpinned by BSV Blockchain—a paradigm shift towards security and trust. Blockchain technology offers solutions to Web 2.0's pain points.

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Exclusivity of BSV Blockchain

In a world with many blockchains, BSV Blockchain stands out as exclusive and inclusive, guaranteeing control, provenance, and precision in the world's data.

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BSV Blockchain Features

BSV Blockchain empowers individuals and businesses alike, unlocking new opportunities for global economies. It serves as a source of truth, with precise data timestamping for trust and integrity.

BSV Association

Products & Tools

We are proud to offer a wide range of innovative products and tools to help our ecosystem. We are constantly updating and expanding our selection to meet the changing needs of our ecosystem partners.

SV Node

We are the developers and maintainers of state-of-the-art open-source SV Node implementations that showcased record-breaking block sizes with unmatched stability.


Teranode is BSV Blockchain’s solution to the challenges of vertical scaling by spreading the workload across multiple machines.


The LiteClient is our feature-complete infrastructure toolbox to connect services and exchanges to the range of blockchain utilities BSV blockchain offers.


We work with leaders in the Internet Protocol (IPv6) space to provide identification and location protocols for network devices to route internet traffic that are deeply integrated with BSV Blockchain's key and address systems.


Our mAPI protocol provides the infrastructure for direct interactions between developers and miners to discover competitive transaction fee quotes and submit transactions to the BSV Blockchain network.


ElectrumSV is an attractive, open-source wallet option for BSV enterprises. It supports all major BSV features, has a user-friendly interface, and allows users to import and export their private keys.


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The BSV Association is inclusive. We welcome companies and organizations who support or wish to learn about BSV Blockchain and the Satoshi Vision, even if you also support other digital asset or blockchain projects.

Exclusive Content

Members can access exclusive content such as technical video tutorials and Q&As with key BSV figures from the ecosystem and the BSV Node team.

Latest BSV Updates

A monthly BSV update and other news alerts will be emailed straight to you, giving you updated information about the BSV ecosystem.

Events Discounts

Receive discounted ticket prices to BSV conferences and other ground-breaking industry events.

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